What We Do

Lean more about our values and our vision of the future

We as humans have distanced ourselves from nature as if we’re not a part of it. Food is one of the main chains that still proves this connection: our link to the soil and, with that, one of the things that still links us to the billions of lives that grow on earth and keep our ecosystems alive and well. Whenever we do something to further distance ourselves from nature, from our ecosystems, we can feel it in our food system.

We invest in impact funds, make direct investment and have projects that are more closely managed by our team, that are linked to this idea of making sure our food systems are able to regenerate the biomes in order to fight climate change, while investing in our population’s overall health.
Our approach aims to cause change by investing in research and solutions that can truly impact our food systems. To make sure we can continue to produce and consume food in a way that is good for both people and the planet in the long run.
To reach that, we are funding companies, funds, and projects that focus on regenerative agriculture, with approaches that focus on restoring and improving the health of the communities of microorganisms that live in the soil, and the ecosystem as a whole.
Our core business

The idea is to work together with nature, respecting its processes rather than depleting its resources. Check out the fields we invest in:

• Biotechnology
• Access to health
• Access to water and sanitation
• Water treatment
• Clean energy
• Circular economy
• Sustainable production
• Agri-tech
• Food-tech
• Biodiversity
• Soil health
• Regeneration

We believe that regenerative agriculture is one of the paths to reach this goal. So we invest in funds and businesses that share this believe, to create life once again from whatever was destroyed or misused in our past or current food systems.