Theory of Change

We believe that the regeneration of the planet is connected to the transformation of people, therefore, making a shift to a regenerative food system is key in this healing process.

Humanity has lost its connection to nature, which is at the core of our climate and biodiversity crisis. We view the natural world as something separate from ourselves and refer to nature as merely “natural resources”.

One undeniable bond that creates a deep connection between humans and what we refer to as nature – or the planet – is food. It is essentially transforming the food we grow and forage into nutrients for our blood, skin, and even our brains. Food is somehow who we are. It fills us up as a magnificent fuel at the same time it builds us up.

Through regenerative agriculture, we can heal our soils and make a massive impact in reversing climate change, with outcomes such as carbon removal and the restoration of biodiversity.

It all starts in the soil and ends in a healthier body and mind, fed with nutrient-dense food produced in a natural and healthy environment. No ifs nor buts, soil is the heart of our thesis, where most of our food is produced.

Meraki Impact sponsored Investing in Regenerative Agriculture and Food & Food Hub (NL) to create a new course for individuals interested in investing, starting, and developing companies or leveraging their roles within established food and agriculture corporations to drive progress in the regenerative sphere.

This comprehensive course is designed to provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to make informed decisions within the regenerative agriculture and food landscape.

We structure our investments as catalytic capital to promote changes in our food Systems