About Meraki Impact

We started our impact investing journey in 2017. Take a look at how our theory of change has evolved and get to know our team!

Meraki Impact Theory of Change
And the team behind this story is…

Fernando Russo

Head of Meraki Impact

He has over twenty years of experience in business, nine of which was managing his own company.Fernando has been dedicated to impact investing since 2016 because he strongly believes that a sustainable food system is what can help achieve his life’s mission of restoring our natural ecosystems.

Felipe Russo

Head of Impact and co-founder of Instituto Meraki

is our Head of Impact and co-founder of Instituto Meraki. His background is in Biology, Education and Art. Felipe has worked as a researcher in Landscape Ecology and Conservation, having been involved in several academic and educational projects. As a Photographer, he has worked for the press, with NGOs, and independently produced artwork that was exhibited at institutions such as the Museum of the City of São Paulo and the Venice Architecture Biennale.

Fernanda Meister

Governance and partnerships manager

Fernanda is an attorney at law in litigation and consultancy. She has broad expertise in Environmental Law and Food Studies. In 2018, Fernanda started working as an independent researcher focused on sustainable food systems and impact businesses. In 2021, she joined Meraki Impact delving deeper into livestock and regenerative agriculture in special projets such as Pasto Vivo.

Vinícius Contieri

Investment Manager

Vinicius is based in Amsterdam and has been the Investment manager of the family office since 2022. With a background in Chemical Engineering and a CFA Charterholder, Vinicius spent 3 years in the capital markets before deciding to transition into impact and sustainable investing. This decision was driven by his belief in the pivotal role that sustainability plays in investment management and the fundamental role of the capital market in fostering sustainable development.
Since making this transition, Vinicius has taken on the responsibility of leading due diligence and monitoring efforts for both traditional and alternative investments within the Family Office.

We believe that the regeneration of the planet is connected to the transformation of people, where making a shift to a regenerative food system is key in this healing process.