We choose to invest in early-stage companies and innovation through fund managers with impact-oriented thesis, which best fit to our theory of change.

Our core business

To better address our heart thesis, we are only doing direct investment at farm level, considering that a key part of our thesis is to prove that regenerative agriculture is profitable and possible on a large scale.

• Biotechnology
• Access to health
• Access to water and sanitation
• Water treatment
• Clean energy
• Circular economy
• Sustainable production
• Agri-tech
• Food-tech
• Biodiversity
• Soil health
• Regeneration
Some examples of our investments are below.

Funds systemic change through innovations on aquaculture

Invests in sociobiodiversity-related start-ups that are located in the Amazon region

Is interested in changing our food system with the help of technology

Invests in small businesses that create solutions for climate change

Specialty coffees produced in Agroforestry Systems, intercropped with chestnuts and hardwoods

Produces mycorrhizal inoculants for mainstream agriculture

Produces technology that can measure food and soil health

A company that focuses on climate intelligence and forescasting

Works with precooling and cold chain technology to diminish food waste

Luxor Agro invests in large-scale systems that can produce quality food, give life back to the earth, and financial return.

Invests in businesses that reduce inequalities and environmental degradation

Develops systems of regenerative agriculture that work with cattle

Invests in foodtech to disrupt the current food systems and impact the planet

A co-owned impact investment cooperative that funds socioenvironmental projects

Provides structure for farmers who are improving their soil health and grazing techniques

Focuses on developing  a regenerative timber production system

Investing in technology to scale regenerative agriculture. The first impact VC fund with regen tech as core of the thesis.

Invests in who is building the regenerative future of food and agriculture

Produces solutions for food production  with  a regenerative approach

The investments listed above are purely for information purposes only and should not be intended to constitute a recommendation. All statements about the investments express our vision of impact and have not been approved by the fund managers mentioned above.